Concours Mold: Lead Time Leader 2017

  • June 1, 2017

In perusing Concours Mold Inc.’s website or walking through the company’s headquarters in Lakeshore, Ontario, Canada, one gets a very strong message that “team” matters. It’s not just some catchphrase; the shop lives and breathes it. It’s something that, together with a stated goal of “first-time quality,” has enabled the company to maintain high operational standards and long-term employee loyalty. It also has helped make Concours the 2017 Leadtime Leader Honorable Mention shop.

Concours was founded by Mark Goggin in 1994 and is one of the youngest mold manufacturing businesses to win Leadtime Leader honors since the award was established in 2003. According to Ed Ergun, corporate sales manager, the recently retired Goggin adhered to a resolute set of growth objectives for his company, and these are itemized on the Concours website: “Step 1, to make it known in the automotive world that Concours is synonymous with quality; Step 2, to build multiple, standardized, strategically located world-class facilities; and Step 3, to take calculated risks, drive continuous improvement and never accept the status quo.” The first two steps are considered complete, while the third’s status is, and will no doubt continue to be, ongoing. These accomplishments are supported by some notable facts.

“Concours has grown its operations from a two-man, 4,000-square-foot facility in Windsor, Ontario, to one that now employs 260 within a 95,000-square-foot building in Lakeshore,” Ergun says. In addition, over the 22 years since its founding, Concours grew from $500,000 in revenue annually to $90 million. The fact that the company is a direct supplier to General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz undoubtedly has much to do with such rapid growth and success. Specialties include designing and building injection, compression and reaction injection molds for interior and exterior automotive parts, but the company also builds molds for heavy-truck components and a variety of consumer products for customers such as Rubbermaid and Electrolux. Lead times range from eight to 24 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the mold. 

Besides Concours’ Canadian headquarters, other locations include Concours Mold Alabama in Cullman, a full-service, 25,000-square-foot mold manufacturing plant with 45 employees that was launched in 2004, plus a third, 31,000-square-foot facility, Concours Mold Mexicana, in Huejotzingo, Puebla, which was established in July 2010 and employs 75. Both the U.S. and Mexico plants were initially created to provide mold repair and maintenance services as well as engineering changes for customers in their respective regions, but the company realized the potential of also offering mold manufacturing services and comprehensive project management, and expanded its teams and facilities in those regions in 2014. Today, each plant’s operations average about 80 percent new-mold builds, and 20 percent engineering changes and repairs.

Article by: Cynthia Kustush | Senior Editor, Moldmaking Technology

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