New Machine: Trimill VU 3525

  • Feb. 1, 2018

Launching in July 2018

Over the past twelve months our Machining team has been working with TRIMILL in the Czech Republic, and SST to deliver the first VU3525 in Canada. This latest addition to equipment at our Lakeshore facility will deliver rigid 5-axis machining in a single setup with feed rates of up to 40m per minute, an investment designed for our future. This is our tomorrow.  

  • Rigid 5-axis machine, especially developed for the pressing tools, injection moulds and forging dies
  • 5-axis machining in one set-up achieved with fork-type milling head and rotary table
  • Upper gantry portal machine for high dynamics and accuracy
  • Unique closed design of the cross-beam and cross-slide (box-in-box
    design) with internal, quadruple-guided, ram-type milling unit (Y- and Z-axis)
  • Constantly perfect cutting results thanks to unique thermo-symmetric design
  • Stationary work piece for the highest surface qualities
  • Very compact machine with large working area utilizing minimal floor-space
  • High productivity - roughing and finishing operations in one set-up
  • Customized distance between spindle nose and clamping surface of rotary table
  • Ergonomic configuration - easy access to the machine tool interior
  • Superior cost-performance ratio

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